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For downtown Chicago luxury property $2MM+

Reach Your Ideal High-Net-Worth Buyer, Even Without Zillow/MLS

With the only selling service in downtown Chicago which offers luxury home owners a way to harness enterprise level data & Ai marketing technology at no extra cost…


Sell your luxury Chicago property smarter & look good doing it

Here’s the problem for a proud owner of luxury property valued at $2MM+: There’s not a large pool of buyers that can afford to buy it.  What’s more, chances are, the buyer may not be from the local area.  

And when you get above a $10MM home value, the slimmer the picken’s get.  Yet, 99.9% of brokerages market these luxury properties just like the rest.  

What’s their typical strategy?  To take lovely images of the property, and hire a drone contractor to video aerial footage.  

Ho hum… boring… par for the course.  

Then, it’s off to publishing it on the multiple listing service (MLS) and Zillow.  Where it sits idle, with no direct marketing effort to get the property in front of the eyeballs that can actually afford to buy it.  

In short, it will take more than stunning photography and Zillow to sell higher-end property in the modern era of artificial intelligence.

So how does the owner of a $2MM+ condo, townhome or house gain an edge?

HK® Luxury Realty is The 1st—and for now perhaps the only—brokerage in downtown Chicago to harness identity resolution in digital marketing. Which means we know the best buyers to target before we ever run an Ad. Our strategy is to utilize this people based data and launch a digital marketing campaign to sell your property, even without a need for Zillow or MLS.  

But that’s not all.

In the ultra luxury real estate arena, layering buyer income and net-worth data is key because not all shoppers are created equal. This underground data is at the heart of our method. As you might imagine, this data ain’t cheap.  Even off-limits to most brokers.  But for you it’s free when you hire us.

If you own a luxury property valued at $2MM+ in downtown Chicago, and wish to look good while you sell it the modern way, start here with an HK® Luxury Listings approach. Enter accurate details in the form now.



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